Junction History

  • The story of West Toronto Junction is a colourful turn-of-the-century saga of railroads, political speculation and suburbanization, tightly bound into the boom and bust economic cycles of the fast growing Toronto region.
  • For 25 years from 1884 to 1909 the Village, then Town of West Toronto Junction, Town of Toronto Junction (1892-1907) and finally City of West Toronto (1908-9) challenged the City of Toronto for industrial development by offering rail sidings, cheap water for steam-driven machinery and tax free status.
  • Excellent transportation linkages also helped the town to become a shopping centre for the farming area west of Toronto.
  • More than a suburb, less than an independent entity, the town offered jobs, investment opportunities, fresh air and Liberal politics within commuting distance of Tory Toronto.
  • Its prominence began as an accident of geography; the junction of Indian trails which became highways and finally railways.